Downloadable ebooks

Ebooks are available to patrons of Chinook Arch member libraries with a valid library card.

If you are using a dedicated e-reader (such as a Kobo), you will need to create a free Adobe ID to borrow OverDrive ebooks. (Use our Creating an Adobe ID and downloading Adobe Digital Editions PDF symbol guide.) If you are using a tablet or mobile device, you do NOT need an Adobe ID.



eBooks! Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, and more!

OverDrive for Kids!

TumbleBookLibrary An online collection of animated, talking picture books for kids in English, French, or Spanish. Includes animation, sound, music and narration.


eReader Help Guides

We have created guides for some of the most popular eReaders!
Download them to get started reading e-books.

Still having problems? Call 1-800-387-6036 to contact the Lethbridge Public Library Information Desk


Popular Devices that use eBooks

eReaders Works with library ebooks? On Windows or Mac transfer with...
Kobo (Aura, Mini, Glo, Touch) YES Adobe Digital Editions
Sony Wi-Fi (PRS-T1, T2, T3) YES Adobe Digital Editions
NOOK YES Adobe Digital Editions
Kindle 1, 2, DX, Touch, Paperwhite NO  -
Aluratek Libre YES Adobe Digital Editions

Phones Works with library eBooks? Download and read with ...
iPhone / iPod Touch YES iOS Apps
Blackberry 10.2+ (z3, z10, z30, q5, q10, q20) Support ended 4/10/2014

Android App may work.

Android Apps
Android (Nexus II, HTC, LG) YES Android Apps
Blackberry before OS 10, PDAs or cellphones using Mobipocket NO Support ended 4/10/2014


Tablets Works with library ebooks? Download and read with ...
iPad YES iOS Apps
Samsung Galaxy, Asus Transformer, Acer, Motorola etc. (Google Play Store Tablets) YES Android Apps
Kobo Vox, Arc YES Android Apps
Kindle Fire, Fire HD YES Android Apps
Blackberry Playbook Support ended 4/10/2014 OverDrive Read in browser only

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